Kirameki - To my beloved

Ochikondeta toki mo ki ga tsukeba waratteru
Even if we're feeling down, we'd smile once we realize,

Sannin nara sekai wa iki wo fukikaeshita
That as long as we're together (3 of us), our world would come to life once again

Itsumo no kaerimichi ashioto kizamu rizumu
The rhythm of our footsteps, as we walked our usual way home

Ameagari machi wo nukete yuku kaze no yasashii nioi
And the scent an occasional breeze brings after a rainy day

Onaji jikan wo wakeai nagara futari de sugoseta omoide wo
The times we spent together, and the memories we created,

Korekara saki mo tsunagetainda chanto me wo mite tsutaetai
I want to convey all these feelings; hoping I can always be with you

Kiiteitai koe wa kimi no mono datta yo
All I want to hear is your voice (and His),

Mimi wo tsutai karadajuu wo tsutsumu you na sono koe datta
And have it resonate undulatingly throughout me once more (meditating on His word)

Hoka no dare demo nai kimi ja nakya dame da yo
I want to be by your side, and not just any other person's,

Itsumademo soba ni itai to omoeta
For you're irreplaceable in my heart, forever and always. (And Him too)

Happy Birthday BB Kew!
Hey Baby

I guess the whole world can see this but who cares. This message is significant for you only. Happy Birthday! Congrats you are still 5! This is for you! Live the Let Go Life.

Comparing comparing

I had a little Eureka moment just now. I really should write more, my journal feels neglected. Something very sad happened today and RIP my Xbox360. Anyways, it led me to think about comparing.

With social media so rampant, it's so easy to compare your life with other people's. That cute girl your exclassmate just got married with and it seems like they are having the time of their life taking whackily fun instagram photos. Yes I just learnt that instagram is also known as short form - IG. Like wow they are enjoying themselves and like you're so envious right? Or that friend that always posts photos of her travels to everywhere and looking so radiant in the sun. But where am I?

First you got to get things right. There are accurate and inaccurate comparisons. Firstly, whatever that is on FB and IG are just snapshots. Have you wondered why your colleague looks so different in a photo? It's all angled properly and set up well. It is a photo. And with cameras on like almost every smartphone everyone gets to do this. So to compare your life with someone else's life on IG may not be accurate at all because maybe their life isn't as exciting as the photo portrays.

So, even if you sit down and interview your colleague and compare accurately (if there's even such a thing because everything is distorted when you compare), comparing is still just so dangerous. Because what happens when you compare is there is always a party that is better. For example if you compare your car with someone's Lamborghini. It's hard not to say that the Lamborghini is probably superior than your car in almost anyway and you will only be left feeling empty or maybe jealous. Alternatively, if you were the one with the Lamborghini and you see a Toyota, you may feel that your car is better. One upmanship.

The thing is that everyone has their own journey. What you have now maybe I'll get it in a few months or years. When you start comparing it never ends in satisfaction because someone out there is probably richer, smarter, has a better looking wife, etc. But I know a God (yes, Jesus) that blesses. What that guy has, He can bless you too. Maybe what you really need is something modest, like a new bag, and someone blesses you with a bag and you're really happy. Something you like too. But once you start comparing there is no end.

If Jesus can bless you, He can bless me too. So no point getting jealous. Just ask Him.

Blessed New Year! 2017
Koh En Wen, will you be my girlfriend?

Counting my Blessings (Friendships)
I was sharing in caregroup today that my weakness is my personality. I am naturally very introspective and reflective and I felt that that made me struggle with a lot of simple tasks that people face everyday. For example, when walking I will be very conscious of where I walk so that I don't collide with other people. I would devise new strategies and new ways to deal with it everyday, which is probably natural to every single person I know. I started thinking about how unique I was created and nurtured. The things I like are usually very niche and not mainstream (not on purpose). The way I think is very complex and unconventional. As a result, I feel that it is harder to have a deep connection with people. But praise God that He has placed people in different phases of my life who have understood a part of me. I felt that I had to count my blessings! Thank God for friends.

I'll start with Primary 6 (Year/Grade 6) in Australia, a time point which I felt that I have become a mini-adult. In year 6, I met Danny who was also really into anime at that time. Not many people were, and definitely not many were into the kind of anime that I loved. I really love Kimagure Orange Road, which I watched during my earlier primary years. It is a romance anime and not something a primary school kid will be able to appreciate, but I think the 'love' sector in my brain was developed already. We would talk about anime that other people in our age won't have a clue about and somehow our interests just overlapped. It was also the time he introduced me to Bubblegum Crisis T2040 and Evangelion. I had to rent a VCR to play Evangelion then haha.

In early secondary school, I met Pug (his nickname). I came back to Singapore and got into Normal Academic (they split you into different programs in secondary school based on your academic grades in primary school). I was gunning for Express, the highest tier program in my school. Back then, I felt that I didn't belong to Normal Academic, and I was just focusing on my studies to try to get in Express stream the next year. The other students in my level were doing their things, having a relaxing time. Pug was different. He engaged the intellectual side of me that my other peers couldn't, and we would have talks about everything from philosophy to politics.

In my later secondary school life, I met Stephen. He kind of became my pupil and I coached him in every way I could (for studies). I imparted my perspectives, my strategies, my way of life to him. It was the first time someone so willingly sought advice from me. At the start I didn't really like him, so I made him do things the tough way (like drilling him to do math questions) without remorse. I eventually demolished the hierarchy between us. Meeting him sparked an interest in teaching/coaching in my life. We also literally shared our lives for 3 years in secondary school. I went to his house almost everyday at one point of time. It was also a fun time of being rebellious at school and trying out many many strategies/methods for studying. We would go to Changi Airport to try studying and pick up skills like mindmapping and speed reading. I also started to enjoy learning and studying. We had many school romance sagas too.

After secondary school, I went to Ngee Ann Polytechnic to do my Diploma in Nursing. There were 2 main people in my Poly years that were quite impactful to my life: Joel and Metropink. Joel was a bit similar to Stephen. He wasn't very good at academics and I ended up influencing him to do many things like group study/sharing where we would both pick up a different topic, make a mind map, then teach each other. I was very into 'synergy' back then, and Joel was a very compliant friend. We influenced each other and nursing became very meaningful to both of us. We also had similar interests like anime and games, and it was a big part of our poly life. We would play DJ Max together on our PSPs.

Metropink kinda fulfilled a role out of my school life. I knew him in secondary school but I only really started knowing him in Polytechnic. He would tell me his weird philosophies that don't really make sense, and I also would tell him mine. He engaged the intellectual side of me. He was also my buddy church companion. Before I met him, I was always going to church by myself. It was really great to have someone that shared the same belief as me. My comical sense also cliques well with him.

I was enlisted to the army after Polytechnic. Many things happened and I eventually ended up in a specialist clinic. I met Nai, who was a super responsible and dependable clerk. We were both into anime, and I felt that he was one of the more positive people within my area. There are many anime lovers out there, but it is hard for me to find someone to clique so well with. He introduced his favourite anime to me, One Outs. It was a damn awesome anime that I think no one else I know enjoys it.

When I ORDed (finished my full-time obligations as a soldier), I almost immediately started work in hospital as a registered nurse. I was assigned to an inpatient ward and to a male senior that would eventually build me up into a confident and safe nurse. Hafiz was very different from any other nurse in our ward. He was also the only male nurse besides me. At the end of my 3 years, I felt that the only nurse who could understand the way I nurse my patients was Hafiz. I sought a lot of advice from him and learnt a lot of clinical skills and knowledge from him that I've never seen in books. He always has a grasp of the medical treatment and also performs sincere nursing care. We ended up as real good buddies too. I could share a lot of my thoughts and opinions with him and we would always have a good discussion.

My current job is a Clinical Trial coordinator. I met Ed, who is shockingly similar to me. He is like Espeon (Daytime) and I am Umbreon (Night time). He is like the most carefree, easy-going, sunshine dude. I'm a little more negative lol. You can talk to him about anything and you would have a nice conversation with him. Somehow, the things we like are very similar, from our mobile phones to computers to anime. I was into older generation phones with a smaller form factor like Nexus 5, Samsung S4, LG G2, Xiaomi Mi when the hip phones were like iPhone 6, S6 Edge, Note 4/5. We also have a similar computer background and it is easy to talk to him about computer parts, gadgets, you name it. He stays pretty near to my house too. We would take the same train back.

I really thank God for the people he has placed in my life. There are a lot of other awesome people whom I did not mention. I had a lot of internet friends/groups during my secondary school days and my caregroups in New Creation Church were life changing. I've had a couple of failed relationships which I dedicated much of my life to. My family, and the random encounters with everyone. All of these people made me become who I am today. And above all, Jesus, whom I personally accepted into my life since secondary school, he is the bestest, most reliable friend I have ever had. Who is always there for me even if I don't feel like it, and who has orchestrated miracles and encounters that I would never dream of. I don't feel like sleeping now. HAHA.

Even until now, I sometimes feel that no one understands what I enjoy. I love anime. The colors, the songs, the characters, the voices, everything. There are a lot of anime lovers out there, but the things I like about anime is quite different from most of them. One of the things I really love about anime is anisong (anime theme songs). At one point of my life, almost everything I listened to was anisong. And even for anisong, the songs and singers that I like are not very popular. For my whole life, I thought I was just going to find online the rare songs and get hyped about it myself and listen to it on my headphones. But thank God, God is good.

For the next AFA (big anime convention in Singapore), KOTOKO is coming to Singapore! I don't know how Singapore managed to get her to come, especially when her last anime song was in 2012 (Accel World. Correct me if I am wrong) and I thought she was in hiatus or she stopped singing for anime. Meaning she probably isn't exactly popular right now. I love KOTOKO since Onegai Teacher (2001?) and she is probably my top 5 anisong singers of all time. I went to the AFA site recently and when I saw her name popped up, I just went hysteric. Not many things in this world excite me now but this was really a shocker. I was already elated when JAM Project was coming (a group of veteran singers that banded together to sing very powerful rock songs).

I feel so blessed. As a person who only listens to Japanese songs, I did not expect to have seen so many of my favourite singers LIVE in my lifetime. Yes, LIVE! When I was still in school, hardly any Japanese singers made it to Singapore. I remember one of the first Japanese that came was MISIA who I liked too, but back then I didn't have much money and I only really know one song of hers. More started to come but the people who came were the more popular singers. I almost gave up. I thought I will listen to my favourite music only from mp3s.

Then at 2010 AFA, JAM Project came to Singapore. I loved JAM Project, and I loved Masami Okui, who joined JAM Project. I went for their concert and though the speakers were bad, they still blew me away, and Masami Okui even sang solo to one of my favourite songs from Slayers. After JAM Project, Nana Mizuki and Koda Kumi both came to Singapore. OMG. Nana Mizuki is soooo good, and it was a full concert. Koda Kumi was very popular at a point of time but when she came over to SG, no one I knew seemed to be excited. Her concert was the exact day as LISA's concert, an anisong singer. LISA sang the Sword Art Online opening and she's super popular even though she was not very established yet. All my friends whom are anime lovers naturally gravitated to LISA's concert. In the end I went alone, but wow, IT WAS SO GOOD. Live and mp3 is totally different.

After Koda Kumi, I was satisfied. I thought to myself, the only two other singers whom I really love were Naomi Tamura and KOTOKO, and it was impossible that they could come. And just when I thought it was impossible, KOTOKO is coming! That's really all I could ask for. What are the odds that almost all your favourite singers come and sing live in your home country? I am really really hyped for KOTOKO now. Though AFA concert only allows a singer to sing about 5 songs (not a full concert as there are many other artistes performing on the same stage on the same day), I am satisfied. After AFA I could probably die a happy death haha.

I am an Adult

Growing up, development, becoming adult... These are terms that I didn't exactly embrace. Ever since I started work, life's pace has been like a one way train that doesn't stop. I work, I get day offs, I relax and I continue to work. I stop reflecting and in a way I stop growing. Erikson said that in every stage of life there are important milestones and they are crucial to one's development. I feel like I've missed some of these milestones. I am an adult by age but I feel like sometimes I'm not an adult yet.

Life is on hard difficulty for me now. I have always felt that way. I think it's my personality. It always seems to me that everyone else has it easy and I am always struggling with little things that other people don't struggle with. The hypersensitive personality. I can't give any solid examples right now though.

So why go on about this now? I was talking to a friend and I realised that there are many things that are spoken and unspoken. I think an 'adult' trait is to be good at knowing what to say and what to leave unsaid. In other words, tact. And my friend being more experienced in life than me, made me reflect on how adult I really am. So much so that I had to stop Pokemon Go and tsumtsum just to open up my word pad and start thinking again. Of course there were many things we talked about, but I felt that the central theme was adulthood.

I started to remember things that I used to ignore like how my mom told me not to wear discolored clothing. Back then I argued that it was comfortable and seasoned but I never really stopped to think about how others would perceive and judge me. Whether judging is good or bad, or if I should stop worrying too much about other people's views, the fact is that the world doesn't revolve around ourselves.

Nothing belongs solely to us. And as an adult we have a responsibility to be responsible. Sometimes there is no one to answer to. Thank God I have Jesus but not everyone has that r'aison d'être.

I feel that I have just begun to step into adulthood and I hope that I will become an honorable adult that the kids can rely on.

Nisemonogatari: An Anime Discussion
I won't call it a review, because I am going to write a really short post about Nisemonogatari, about what I felt, about how it was and what not.

Nisemonogatari is the sequel of Bakemonogatari, which I will consider an experimental anime. It uses a lot of symbols, backgrounds that don't really flow with each other, and I think at the same time cut cost for the animation company. There may be some hidden meaning implied but generally I think it's just to make it look cool and sophisticated. In Nisemonogatari, I think it kind of succeeded. At first I thought I would be turned off by it but it was okay really, and I quite enjoyed the show. I could press next on my video player without hesitating or feeling like I've had enough of it.

The general idea of the show I feel is that the main protagonist Araragi Koyomi, a guy, meets a lot of girls, and all these girls that he meets have some kind of issue. The issues they have are all associated with supernatural/spiritual beings that are 'inside' of them. To me it was how the author portrays the reason why females are so enigmatic. Every single supernatural being is uniquely different, and they all come with different problems and characteristics. Seeing the anime in this light makes things quite intriguing for me.

What I really like about the show was the dialogue, though I have to admit that Nisemonogatari was a bit too erotic, with a lot of suggestive incest/sexual harassment that was underplayed by the dialogue. At first, everything was awkward, the way they talk (it is not realistic at all), the content, everything was unnatural. As you continue watching it, it seems like you are sucked into their world and everything seems normal afterwards. There were a lot of comedic word plays and smart parodies. And pretty much the whole show was to highlight the dialogue I feel. The backgrounds that don't make sense draws you to the dialogue which makes you ignore everything else.

The characters were something else too. The main character is surprisingly very manly and very cheeky at the same time. I think he is the most interesting character of the show and what he says and how he reacts is fun to watch. His characteristics are also quite rare for modern anime, who usually portray the main male protagonist as slightly wimpy or weak. What I felt from the Araragi was that he is a man of conviction, and though he is always tempted (and aware) by so many beautiful girls around him, he sticks loyal to the girl he has committed to. At the same time, though in a relationship, he does what he thinks is right even though his girlfriend is a controlling and abusive person. In this show, he sacrificed and defied Senjougahara (gf) a lot just to save his sisters that he love so much.

All in all a pleasant watch, and short too. Total of 11 episodes. I am still hesitating whether to start the next series. I gave a MAL score of 7, which is an honorary mention for my standards. 6 is neutral, below 6 is not very watchable.

Anime Review: Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
Your Lie in April. I finally got to finish this series. Watched it back to back at my bro's house in 2 days. Took a bit longer than I thought, a total of 22 episodes. So the verdict? Beware it will have a lot of spoilers.

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso is beautiful. The first episodes takes your breath away. I usually take a few episodes to sink in the art style of an anime, but this time it didn't take long at all. I was watching it at 1080p, on a 55" LED TV and it just looked so stunning. If anything, the graphics of this show is just amazing.

The show was almost perfect. Leading us episode by episode, it was a joyride. Unlike most anime where you would want to keep watching it because it was exciting, Shigatsu was not an anime that is fast-paced. In fact, there were a few times where I thought it was sooooo slow with a lot of flashbacks and inner monologue. It is masterfully and purposefully done though.

I really like the characters in Shigatsu.

Arima Kousei - The protagonist of the show. He is like usual, the weak 'hero' that everyone loves. Of course, you don't really feel that he is loved (this show isn't even really harem), but throughout the course of the show, you realise that almost every female character ends up having some feelings for him. This dude is bad and weak at everything, besides playing the piano. He has a very docile, passive character with lots and lots of issues (mainly PTSD). Normally I would want to smack such characters, but you can really empathise with him through the show, and he suffers a ton that it's not funny. He basically is the best pianist of his age, arguably in Japan, but it is taken away from him. He can't 'hear' the notes anymore. He struggles to overcome with the help of the heroine and other characters.

Watari Ryouta - The protagonist's best male childhood friend. He seems like a pretty cliche character. The chick-magnet, soccer club captain, sunshine personality that does not succumb to any real life problems. However, I felt that he is one of the most intriguing characters. Firstly, his personality/character doesn't fit in the show at all. There is evidence that he has known Kousei for a very long time but there's just little footage of him in Kousei or Tsubaki's memories. It was as if only Kousei and Tsubaki were childhood friends. Also, a soccer captain and a pianist that stops playing the piano, sunshine and pessimism, the two of them just don't click, but they are best friends. Watari has considerable lesser screen time and is mostly referenced by Kousei as the best friend that Kaori likes. Everyone thinks that he is 'invincible' and he seems to be very popular with the girls (he even has a potential girlfriend that is not shown. Keiko). I find him to be extremely manly, as he always gives Kousei the best advice (seriously for a 14 year old, his advice is godlike). He is always trying to cheer people up. He was visiting Kaori almost everyday though their relationship was just friends. He claims that he loves all cute girls, but in the end he only had eyes for Kaori (as displayed in his photos in his cell phone) but it was all one-sided. I think the show could reverse the roles and make him the main character and show his more humanly sides.

Kaori Miyazono - And there is the heroine. The best, and the most disappointing. Kaori Miyazono is that girl who just appears in Arima Kousei's life with a bang. She is that super cute/hot girl that you always wanted and suddenly it seems like you stand a chance to capture her heart. She is also the enigma of the show. When it seems like Tsubaki has the highest chances to be with Kousei, this girl just defies logic. She has a spring to her step, sparkle in her eyes, and she plays the violin! She pulls Kousei along with her for performance and eventually inspired him to come out of his shell to play the piano again. She keeps emphasising to Kousei that she has to make the best of what she has in the present, which makes her seem like she fears the future. From the start, I get this nagging feeling that she was either going to die, or disappear or maybe she isn't even real. She is a virtuoso, and her performance was awestrucking. How did she come to know the rest? Somehow Kaori and Tsubaki were friends and Kaori wanted to 'meet' Watari because she 'likes' him. Tsubaki brings Kousei along and it was supposedly a double date. After that it's all history.

There are many other characters but none of them as deep as the 3 of them I feel. Tsubaki was Kousei's closest friend, and most possible love interest (besides Kaori). Tsubaki, however, is a very straightforward girl. She is the simplest character in the whole show. A super sporty/strong girl that is viewed by everyone as boyish/gorilla/all brawn no brains. She really likes Kousei but is blinded by her childhood relationship with him and struggled to find out her own feelings. I felt that the development for Tsubaki was kind of in vain, because in the end, she was not really an option for Kousei.

I would have given the show an almost perfect 9/10 score, which is insanely high on my terms, and possibly one of the greatest anime of recent years, but the ending really just missed the mark, and it mattered a lot. Towards the end, it got clearer to Kousei that he liked her and she liked him, but it never progressed to anything. No confession even. The last part of the show, Kousei entered the East Japan competition while Kaori goes for her surgery. It was never explained what Kaori had. Both of them struggled through and nearing the end of the performance, Kousei could feel that Kaori was playing next to him. It was a stellar performance, but after the song ended, Kaori 'disappeared', which probably signified her death. I had an issue with that, because it just did not make sense medically. She has this unknown disease that robs her limb functions (upper and lower) and she was doing rehab intensively to try to combat it. Apparently, surgery may sort of restore her in some way and she decided to go for it (implied risks). What I inferred was that if the surgery was a success, she would probably be able to play the violin again and probably her life is saved. If the surgery was a flop, she would lose the ability to play the violin. BUT SHE DIED! It was so sudden. And in the end, they never did physically play together again, which was really sad. In the show she performed twice and that was it, no more violin action. The 3rd time she was MIA, the last time was a pseudo performance. That was disappointing.

And finally, the end part. Kousei read a letter that was written by Kaori before the operation. It uncovers every mystery the show had about her. The missing links. The questions I had about her are all answered in the letter. I was so curious to know who she actually was, what her relationship with Kousei was, and perhaps what illness she had. Turned out that she was beside Emi when Kousei performed (and she was alone. without her parents, which was damn strange). She was inspired by him to become...not a pianist but a violinist?! And that's how she started to play the violinist and her dream was to play with Kousei. Like what? That's it? I was expecting a deep bond, that is intertwined with his fate. Someone that he has forgotten, or perhaps she was going through near-death from her illness and picked up courage when she heard Kousei play and faced her illness and eventually able to play the violin. She was basically just Little Girl A. And she said her parents were fans of him but the parents weren't even at the concert.

And the lie of April. She lied to Tsubaki that she liked Watari so that she can enter their clique. That was cool, like it was planned out and it was an indirect approach. BUT, that was it. I noticed that during April, there were a lot of lies going on, but they just focused on this the end they weren't even together or anything. She confessed in the letter but huh...the poor dude misunderstood the whole friggin show that she liked Watari and that's why he didn't really pursue her that actively. Even Watari was a bit cheated because he liked her but...she doesn't actually like him. I felt that they should have made the lie more...impactful and pivotal. I almost cried...but my tears stopped coming at one point of time. It was not as touching as it should have been. And to make it more touching, the little things really mattered. And the show failed to deliver that final blow. Damn, what a waste. Such a good show, could have been amazing. Nevertheless, it's still a very good show.

Anime Review: Kuroko No Basuke 3
Kuroko's basketball season 3. I've waited so long to watch this, and I have finished it. This is the conclusion to the series Kuroko no Basuke, I think. Decided to do anime reviews again! More for myself next time haha. I hope to remember stuff clearer after penning down these thoughts too. Going to change the way I do reviews, not adding the score this time. For scores and all, view my myanimelist @

Some spoilers so beware. It's pretty hard to do a review without spoiling anything lol.

A little background about Kuroko no Basuke S1 and S2. S1 was about a team of legendary players called the generation of miracles consisting of 5 players in the same middle school that had insane basketball skills. They were undefeated and in fact had little problems against any teams at all at that time, especially the last year. They broke up and each of them went to a different high school. Kuroko is the 6th player in that middle school but he had little presence and was not remembered in the team except by the 5 players in generation of miracles. Kuroko was unhappy with how the 5 turned out at the end and as a player who loved basketball, he sought change in them. He went to Seirin High and met Kagami, who had the potential to be a great player. He teamed up with him to form a duo that opens up a lot more options in their gameplay. Kuroko has an unorthodox basketball style that focuses on visual illusions and absurd passing skills, but unable to score himself.

S1 was about Midorima, Kise, Aomine. S2 they went up against Murasakibara.

S3 features the winter high, the last competition for the original Seirin High. There are 4 parts to S3. It starts mid-way with Kaijo (Kise Ryota's school) against Fukuda Sogo. Ryota meets Haizaki, who is also from Teiko Middle School, whom he replaced as the 5th member. Haizaki was forced to quit the team because of his violent tendencies and also Akashi's opinion that Kise has more potential than him. A very strong player, but also doesn't really care much about basketball, he faced off Kise for a grudge match to reclaim his title as 5th Teiko player. Both players have similar styles, which is to copy people's moves.

The second part of the series features backstory of Teiko's Generation of Miracles during the start to the end. It shows how all the players began, especially Kuroko (how he entered and became 6th man).

The 3rd part was Seirin's battle against Kaijo and Shutoku vs Rakuzan. Kise acquires ALL Generation of Miracles moves and how Seirin overcomes it. Shutoku vs Rakuzan displayed why Akashi was the leader of the Generation of Miracles, and how Midorima is defeated, even though Takao and him developed an undefeatable tech.

The last part is Seirin vs Rakuzan.

Regarding the whole series, I felt that at the beginning (includes Season 1), the story was a bit stiff and a little ridiculous. 5 absurdly strong players gathered in one school and all of them have different hair colours. Each player has his name that means the color except Kise. That was a little lame I thought, and the story felt quite linear at the start. The protagonists beat them one by one and prove that they are not the best. And it continues. Sounds predictable right? But as it goes on, especially season 2, there were different elements added and you start to feel the characters and the story comes slightly alive. That was when I felt that it no longer matters if it was linear or not.

I especially liked how Kuroko was designed. He is an average, in fact mediocre, player that loved basketball. His love for basketball beats just about anyone else in the series and he refuses to give up even though he kinda sux at it. He plays basketball his own way and is confident in his own methods. I can relate to that. I feel that sometimes in the world, you don't have to perform in a certain way to be recognised as a good player. For example, I play fighting games and some players fight really oddly, but they can still win. It is not the most efficient or effective way to play but that's their style. In basketball, it doesn't mean that if you cannot shoot 3 pointers, or cannot slam dunk you are not a valuable player.

I also liked the concept of synergy. Kuroko and Kagami are not really the best players in the series in my opinion, but the two of them worked together and wrecked other teams. There are just so many more options when there are 2 instead of one.

Lastly, I was touched by most of the backstories in Kuroko no Basuke. How almost every generation of miracles player hated basketball at the end of middle school, but Kuroko managed to show them 'the way' and they were reformed genuinely. Really kudos to Kuroko. I feel that as a character he's not strong, not very likable, but you can see the effort he put in and the influence he made over everyone. And still, he is not a very 'godlike' player.


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